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  • How to defend a bad endgame

    When you're defending a back endgame position, it's a great idea to first eliminate all queen side pawns before defending the king side. That way y...
  • NCM Vas in a vicious mood

    Diagram: White has just played Ng4, forking my Queen and Rook. Now what? Black to play.   \
  • Analyze better than NCM Vas

    This wasn't very good analysis, considering that the time control was set at 45 45, 45 minutes plus 45 second increments for every move.  I played ...
  • Find the best move!

    What's the best move in this position? White to move.  
  • Try correspondence chess during the pandemic!

    Correspondence chess is a perfect activity during a pandemic. I had to mention it because this week I started play in the Canadian Correspondence C...
  • Don't blow it at the finish line!

    Endings are very important. I struggled for a long time and now I'm winning. Black to move: exd2 or Rxd2? What do you play?   
  • Refresh your opening repertoire with New In Chess Yearbooks

    New In Chess Yearbooks can refresh your opening repertoire!
  • How I built a perfect fortress!

    One example of a perfect fortress.
  • Find the winning move for Black

    Black to move and win! Black has to win to tie the match for his team. Unfortunately, he drew after 35. ... Rf1+. What was the winning move?
  • Don't drop the ball!

    I played a 45 45 league match tonight with my 4 member team down 1.5-.5 so I had to push for a win with Black. And I was slightly better in the pos...
  • Castling into it!

    This is what it means when we say she "castled into it". My opponent castled long and didn't last very long. Always take care of your king. Or coac...
  • Attacking with NCM Vas

    Black to play. How do you continue the attack?   31. ... Rxe5! attack 32. dxe5 Qxe5 33. Bh5 Qg3+ 34. Kf1f4 35. Rf2 Qxh3+ 36. Kg1 Qh1# 0-1